Sunday, May 22, 2011

Coming Soon

- The nature of evidence and the existence of evidence-against.

- The illusion of 'true' chance, and chance as informational uncertainty.

- The basis of knowledge as necessarily Bayesian/statistical.

- Free-will not-versus Determinism.

- A defense of IQ tests.

- Resolution of various particular paradoxes.

- Morality: basis of, universality without absolutes, relation to continuum of consciousness.

- The proper laws of multi-state logic.

- Miracles and the indefensibility of the supernatural.

- Land value taxes.

- Aboriginal land rights. Red paper/White paper.

- Hume's Is/Ought distinction is valid, those who deny it commit equivocation on 'ought' (but ought isn't a useful concept).

- Existence as a two-place predicate; namely set membership.

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